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1 to 10 Podcast - Want to Get Creative? Start with Culture with Robert Salmeron

Robert, marketing manager at Falcon's Creative Group, has joined us on the 1 to 10 Podcast to talk about how a cohesive, established company culture can help drive an environment of creativity.

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by Eric Sharp

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It’s something that every company wants to have in abundance, but is difficult actually foster within your organization.

How do you actually set your company up in a way that truly fosters creativity? How do you ensure that you’re inspiring your employees to come into the office every single day, whether they’re writers, artists, engineers, developers, or animators?

For Robert Salmeron, marketing manager at Falcon's Creative Group, the answer is pretty simple: culture.

Office Ambiance

Let’s face facts. Nobody wants to show up to work in a boring office.

Think of every movie you’ve ever seen. When they want to depict a dead, lifeless, boring corporate environment, what does the office look like?

White walls. High cubes. Terrible break-room coffee. Flickering fluorescent lights.

Now think of the most innovative and creative companies on earth. Google. Facebook. Apple. Nike. Then do a quick search for images of their office spaces.

It’s no wonder people show up to work ready to work and be creative when the physical environment they work in is uniquely geared towards fostering collaboration and creativity.

When you show up at work excited about your physical environment, when a company shows that they care about the workspace, people are going to spend more time creating, collaborating, and truly driving your company forward.


However, no company, no matter how unique and inspiring their office is, no company is going to be creative and inspiring unless they have leadership that are bought into creating that environment and that are committed to bringing the best out of their employees.

Maybe it's as simple as the CEO making their rounds, checking in on people and casually chatting with employees, or maybe it’s as extreme as the CEO not having their own office, but sitting with the rest of the company.

Using monthly staff meetings as a time to really check in with one another, bring one another up to speed, and foster friendships and relationships, these are key ways to foster a culture of creativity.

No matter what it looks like for your company, if your leadership is determined to create a culture of inclusivity and positivity, the creativity is going to flow naturally from that.

People want to work harder for people that they feel like respect them.

Diversify the Workforce

Lastly, no matter how cool your office, or how bought in the senior leadership is, if your workforce is filled with people who think the same way, talk the same way, design the same way, and do work the same way, all those other things are useless.

We naturally gravitate to people like us. People who think like us, work like us, and solve problems like us. That’s part of our DNA.

But as a company that wants to foster a culture of creativity, you've got to make sure and put extra effort into the people that you hire, and make sure that you’re hiring people with diverse backgrounds and diverse sets of opinions.

Just because they’re not doing things the way you would, that doesn’t mean they’re doing them wrong. Make sure that you’re investing in a wide array of people to truly get the most creativity out of your team.

A company is only as good as its culture, and if you really want to be a cutting edge, creative, groundbreaking company, it all starts with your company culture.

Make sure your office reflects your culture, ensure that your leadership is bought in, and bring on the most diverse group of people possible.

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