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Introducing our Real-Time Conversion Tracker

How many conversions have we helped our clients generate? Great question! We just released a real-time conversion tracker that's updated every 24 hours.

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by Eric Sharp

“How many conversions have you helped your clients generate?”

We’ve never been asked this question, but we'll answer it anyways.

Introducing our real-time conversion tracker! (see it on homepage)

Since we’re tracking and measuring all of our clients’ conversions in Google Analytics, we were able to tie into this powerful data and calculate this number (which we think is pretty impressive) every 24 hours.

For you data nerds wanting the behind the scenes, here’s a little Q&A.

What kinds of conversions are we tracking?

  • Completed Lead Generation Forms - Consultation requests, Service or Product inquiries, Contact forms

  • Opt-ins - Email Newsletter, Webinar Signups, White Paper requests, important Downloads

  • E-commerce Transactions - Product purchases, event registrations, reservations

Are we tracking ALL conversions?

No, just critical ones.

Remember, a Google Analytics Goal (how conversions are tracked within Google Analytics) can be created for pretty much anything on a website.

This number only represents completed goals that our clients define as “critical” or “impactful” to their organization’s marketing and sales initiatives.

Why are we excluding conversions? The bigger the number the better, right??

As we mentioned, we stripped out a few conversions from each client that didn’t meet our criteria of “critical” or “impactful”.

Our goal with this real-time tracker was never to showcase and tout a whopping number without specifics. Instead, we wanted a razor sharp number that represented significance.


We’ve helped generate 43,751 critical conversions for our clients.

Feels much more significant than saying...

We’ve helped generate 100,000+ conversions for our clients.

Are we only including active clients?

Yes. Only active clients are included in this tally.

Either we’ve (re)built their website from the ground up (conversion-focused website solution) or improved their existing website using our inbound marketing services, conversion optimization services, or website consulting.

How exactly are we getting the data?

We used the Google API PHP library to help connect and make the calls.

Briefly, here are the 5 main steps we took:

Step 1

Made a configuration file that we parse to get all the client IDs and list of goals we want to include in the calculation.

Note: some code was excluded or generalized to keep client confidentiality

 * Configuration for client's critical conversions from analytics  
$GLOBALS = array 
	'maxAge'         => 86400,
	'name'           => 'Analytics conversions',
	'client'         => 'confidential',
	'email'          => 'confidential',
	'key'            => 'confidential',
	'scopes'         => 'https://www.googleapis.com/auth/analytics.readonly',
	'start'          => '2010-01-01',
	'end'            => 'today',
	'params'         => array(),

	'ids' => array
		// clientwebsite1.com
		'ga%3A73636382' => array
		// clientwebsite2.com
		'ga%3A8222126' => array

Step 2

Loop through that configuration file, making a separate call for each client ID, asking the API for the number of goals completed for the ones listed. Then we add all those together.

Step 3

Store what we get back in a cache file. Also stored is an age that we use to check if the data has expired and needs to be calculated again in a JSON format.

Step 4

Run the script every night at 2 am.

Step 5

Integrate the number to the page, animate counting up from zero!

What are you waiting for? See how high the count is today!

As of the date this blog was published, the number is 43,751, officially.

Now that the hype is over give it a whirl on our homepage!

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