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Are We a Good Fit?

We’ve learned a number of things in the last 17 years of providing professional services, but none more important than this: Ensure the relationship is a good fit from the start.

Here are 5 common characteristics of the companies that hire us to help renew and revitalize their digital marketing.

1. Size & History

Your company is a small to mid-sized business with under 500 employees with revenues between 5 to 250 million. You’ve been in business for at least 1 year (ideally longer) and therefore have a good understanding of your own products/services, ideal customer, & industry trends.

2. B2B Technology

You have a high-end technology product or service that you sell strictly to other businesses (you are B2B). A few existing client examples:

Because your product/service is high-end, your sales process is sophisticated and involves multiple decision makers which requires a clear and specific educational, nurturing, and closing strategy.

3. Internal Team

There is at least one person internal to your organization already managing your marketing (online & offline). Our clients see us as an “extension” to their existing team filling in the gaps from a digital perspective. We play a complementary role to your overall marketing efforts.

4. Money

The customized websites and digital marketing programs we create for B2B Companies with a Technology product/service range from $30,000 to $100,000. Each solution is completely tailored to that company and diverse in strategy, design, content, and depth of digital marketing tactics.

If you're needing a fully rebuilt website, you have earmarked a budget of at least $30,000 (see Conversion-focused Websites).

Our UX Consulting begins at $5,000 and Website Strategy Consulting starts at $10,000. We also offer a handful of mini-engagements starting at $499. See Pricing.

5. Collaboration

You have the resources — mainly people and time — for us to tap into at every phase of the project (we can’t improve your digital marketing in a vacuum). This includes gaining insights about your industry, services/products, and customers.

More about who we work for

Further talking points to help you evaluate ProtoFuse

We don't build "simple" websites

“Simple”, “Basic”, or “Brochure” websites no longer work anymore (read Why a Brochure Website Don’t Work Anymore).

Maybe it’s ignorance of a what modern day website is, or maybe it’s an unhealthy focus on the “cool factor”. Nonetheless, they are laced with low expectations and don’t embody what ProtoFuse is all about (which is building intelligent websites).

Our clients have chronic, critical, and complex problems with their websites and inbound marketing. Our team excels in solving a handful problems in the digital marketing space.

If you say “We just need a simple website”, we challenge you to think bigger. If you envision your website becoming invaluable to sales and marketing — you don’t need simple, you need better. And we’re the company to bring you a better website.

Our conversion focused websites INCLUDE marketing components

Unless your website receives all the qualified traffic it needs, 100% of your visitors take action, and you’re selling more product than Willy Wonka on Halloween — your company should be very interested in marketing your website.

Marketing never stops. It’s as part of a company as Operations or IT. In fact, your website should be your most important marketing tool.

If you don’t want your website found by search engines, content marketing, or social media, we say congratulations on finding sales and marketing utopia!

We don't execute someone else's strategy or design

If you’re looking for just web development execution — we’re not the company you want to hire. We don’t engage clients that:

  • purchased a template expecting just code help & support
  • had their in-house team create wireframes, a prototype or design mockups
  • had another company or freelancer create wireframes, a prototype or design mockups

The results we get for our clients always starts with our own thorough diagnosis (Planning & Strategy), continues with a proper prescription (clickable Prototype), and has one of our professional UX designers guiding decisions from start to finish. Otherwise, we can’t deliver what we continually promise — real results.

We accept RFPs, but be ready to discuss it with us

If you’re going to send us a RFP, we won’t discard it. However, we will strive to foster direct conversation with the decision maker.

We like to talk — not AT you, but WITH you. We need to get an understanding of your business and unique needs. If you can’t make time to talk with us, we fear you’re just fishing for the cheapest bid (there’s always someone willing to do it cheaper) rather than the best fit vendor.

Go ahead, send that RFP, but expect a verbal two-way discussion rather than a one-way written submission.

We believe a conversion-focused website — paired with the proper traffic, content, automation, and end-to-end ROI measurement — equips B2B technology companies with a real asset to scale their business.


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