B2B Marketing Agency for Technology Companies


Our manifesto. Our core values. Our driving principles. Call them what you want, our SEETAP speaks into ProtoFuse’s DNA.

(S) Specialization

We will specialize in building intelligent, conversion-focused websites and continually deepen our expertise within the inbound marketing channel of internet marketing.

Though we’re creatively and technically capable of print design, branding design, or outbound marketing services, we intentionally choose not to pursue this type of work because it dilutes our focus.

We do not consider ourselves a small advertising agency, jack of all trades provider, or “full-service” firm.

(E) Education

We will grow our expertise by being avid readers and keeping abreast of website-related changes within our industry.

It’s also critical that we take time when needed to educate our clients so that they can make better decisions with their marketing dollars.

This pursuit and sharing of knowledge can be seen in action with our commitment to writing close to 2,000 words in our Blog every month.

(E) Energy

We will bring a proactiveness, eagerness and passion to every website. Our job is to move the needle for our clients, but we won’t forget to make the relationship and our interactions enjoyable and fun along the way.

(T) Transparency & (A) Accountability

We will be transparent about our pricing, strengths and weaknesses. If there’s uncertainty around a strategy or tactic we propose, we won’t hide behind it and cross our fingers.

Transparency builds trust faster than hitting home runs.

We hold ourselves accountable to delivering real results. If we don’t deliver what we promise, we’ll roll up our sleeves and take another shot. If we mess up, we’ll own it.

(P) Process

Our ability to do our best work and have consistent outcomes is rooted in the strength of a process we've been continually improving for nearly two decades.

Clients should feel organized, empowered, and clearly understand responsibilities while moving through our process. It’s the lifeblood to delivering the “real results” we talk about all too frequently.

We believe a conversion-focused website — paired with the proper traffic, content, automation, and end-to-end ROI measurement — equips B2B technology companies with a real asset to scale their business.


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