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1 to 10 Podcast - How to Communicate More Authentically And Achieve Better Results - Ethan Beute

Ethan Beute, VP of Marketing at BombBomb, joined us on the 1 to 10 Podcast to talk about why video is the best form of communication you can use.

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by Eric Sharp

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On this episode of the 1 to 10 podcast, we sat down with Ethan Beute, author, podcaster, and VP of Marketing at BombBomb.

Episode Overview

When you look at the way most business communication has gone over the past few decades, both internal and external communication have become digital.

Communication now is mostly faceless, typed-out text.

It’s not personal, it’s just some words that someone typed.

But, there is a richer form of communication you can use: video.

On the latest episode of the 1 to 10 podcast I interviewed Ethan Beute, author, podcaster, and VP of Marketing at BombBomb. Ethan talked about why and how you can use video messaging to send a more authentic and clear message that will produce better results. Here’s what he had to say.

What's Wrong with Traditional Email Communication?

Studies have shown that our brains don’t even recognize the words on a screen as something that a human actually wrote. There's a dehumanizing effect that occurs with digital communication.

Plus, there can be a lack of clarity. Did the sender use that emoticon because they’re actually happy? Or was it passive aggressive? Digital communication requires back and forth messaging to clarify the message that was sent.

Here’s another problem with digital communication — screen text doesn't build rapport and it doesn't differentiate you.

There are all these shortcomings with the primary channel that we use to communicate some of our most important messages.

What if there was another option? Well, there is.

You can send video messages to get your message across more clearly and more authentically.

The Benefits of Using Video, Rather Than Email

We’re all better in person.

We win face to face, by building relationships.

That’s where video has power — by being more authentic and more personal, video allows you to better develop relationships.

There's all these opportunities to infuse the communication with so much more of your personality.

Video provides communication of you, in full. It's you in person, your face, your voice, your personality, expertise, enthusiasm, sincerity, and gratitude. It’s all these little things that just do not come through in the black text on the white screen.

It’s just all around a richer piece of communication.

Plus, it can be recorded when it's convenient for your and opened when it's convenient for the other person.

And it's easier to do than you may think.

You don't have to be a video person to win with video.

This is about creating an experience that's the same as if you were across the table from someone having coffee, but at your own convenience.

That more personal message will just produce a better result.

Overcoming Unrealistic Standards

Even the most confident among us takes a second look when we watch a playback of ourselves in a video.

We hesitate sending videos because we’re not comfortable with what we look like or sound like. We’re self-conscious of the “ummms” and the awkward pauses.

Most of us avoid video because we think we'll just mess it up every time.

But that's a self-limiting perspective.

The point of the video is for you to shine through, imperfections and all.

Your video doesn’t have to be perfect.

We tend to think these little videos need to be just as well done as a television commercial or movie trailer. But this is an unreasonable expectation for this style of video.

The standard shouldn't be “is this as good as a TV commercial?” It should be, “is this better than sending an email?”

Even if the video isn't perfect, it's going to come across more authentic and you're going to get more engagement from it than the most perfect email.

Let's Talk About Results

So, how do you create a great video message?

Here are the basics:

  • Make sure the viewer can see and hear you.
  • Aim for a good head and shoulders shot.
  • Ideally, you should have a tidy background instead of a messy one.
  • Eliminate visual distractions — the whole idea is to get people to stay locked in on your message.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have fancy equipment — you don’t need it. You can use the standard built-ins on your laptop.
  • You’ll get more comfortable each time you record yourself.
  • Depending on what your message is, you could share your screen or write on a whiteboard to help clarify what you’re talking about. It’s up to you.

So, when can you use video in your business? Almost any time you have to click “send” in social, texting or email. Just think, "would this be better if I said it in person?"

What's the #1 Thing Someone Can Do to Grow their B2B Tech Company?

We ask every guest on our podcast if they have one grand piece of advice for any growing B2B tech company.

Here’s what Ethan said:

We've talked about revenue, growth, and customer empathy — but the step in front of all of that is internal service quality. Everything else is a downstream consequence of that.

If you recruit, hire, onboard, train, equip, and engage your employees well, everything else takes care of itself.

If you want to learn more about this, one of the best things I read when I was working on my MBA was called the Service Profit Chain. If you just Google "Service Profit Chain Harvard" it will come up. It's a great resource.

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