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Introducing the '1 to 10' Podcast

We jumped on the podcast bandwagon and started our own. 1 to 10 is a podcast dedicated to sharing the stories of B2B tech companies that have scaled, or are currently scaling, from $1M to $10M and beyond.

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by Eric Sharp

The podcast market continues to explode

More Americans know what a podcast is than know who the Vice President is. 26% of people listen to podcasts monthly. 80% of podcast listeners hear all or most of each episode they consume.

Podcasting is here to stay. More evidence here, if you don't believe me.

So, how are we responding? We started our own. It's called 1 to 10.

But, let me explain the why. There's more to this story than merely jumping on the podcast bandwagon.

Why We Shifted our Positioning to focus on B2B Technology Companies

It was time to invest in another Content Marketing Tactic

We've been a big fan of content marketing for nearly a decade.

We've planned, optimized, and written 100+ blogs - many still relevant and live on our blog today. We've been creating educational videos (and still have a long queue of ideas to execute). We've also created a few free checklists and guides (like our 12 Practical Ways to Improve Your Website)

We by no means have mastered those content marketing tactics. But, we subscribe to the theory that we must do some tactics well first before introducing new tactics.

Long story short, we felt it was time to introduce a new tactic — cue the 1 to 10 podcast.

How can we deepen our expertise in B2B Tech? Let's talk to smart people!

If you haven't heard, we shifted ProtoFuse's positioning to focus on mid-sized B2B Tech companies early this year.

More about this re-positioning

In effort to grow our expertise in this niche and generate more awareness of ProtoFuse, it's essential we build and nurture relationships with like-minded professionals that live and breath B2B Tech.

But, how exactly?

Local Networking. LinkedIn. Referrals. Sure, all great ways to form these types of relationships. But, that wasn't sufficient. We needed a bigger platform to help us:

  1. CONNECT with people in and around B2B Tech companies
  2. LEARN more about B2B Tech

These two reasons were the driving factor in hiring Sweet Fish Media, a B2B podcasting sevices company that helped us launch, produce, and market the 1 to 10 show.

An Overview of 1 to 10

Before you dive into the show (and I hope you do by subscribing via the links at the very bottom), here's a description of the show:

1 to 10 is a podcast dedicated to sharing the stories of B2B tech companies that have scaled, or are currently scaling, from $1M to $10M and beyond. Listen in as Eric Sharp, the CEO of ProtoFuse, interviews leaders of B2B Technology companies about the strategies and tactics used to grow from small to mid-size, catapulting their companies to the next level. Whether you want to learn more about building a world-class team, or you’re looking for creative and effective sales and marketing techniques, this show is for you.

Even though ProtoFuse funds 100% of the show, we set up a separate website to learn more about 1 to 10 and provide an easy way to listen to all episodes.


Why you should listen to the 1 to 10 Podcast

As of the date on this blog, we have 6 episodes live. We also have a handful queued up for weekly release, and we continue to record new episodes.

If you'd like to hear all this from me directly, check out episode zero on 1to10.tech, or listen to the 12-minute episode below.

Subscribe to 1 to 10

The show is available in:

Each episode is 30 minutes or under, and we'd love to hear what you think!

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