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Should I only write Blogs with Keywords?

It seems unconventional to produce a blog void of keywords. Will anyone find it via Google? Will it bring in traffic? Am I setting up this content for success?

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by Eric Sharp

"Don't write a blog without keywords!"

I've been subscribing to that theory for the last decade.

I actually felt guilty writing a blog that didn't START with the process of coming up with a topic and optimizing for a cluster of topical keywords.

"Why write on a topic if no one is searching for that topic?"

My agency gets most of their new business from inbound. Spending hours on a blog without setting it up for Google success seemed like a colossal waste of time.

BUT, as any smart marketer knows (and believes), we must always be willing to try new things and test.

So, I went for it in May.

I wrote a blog (How to Prevent Consumers from Wasting Time on your B2B Website) about a topic that had ZERO keyword searches. I even verified this with research with multiple keyword tools (If I was doing this, I wanted it to ensure I wasn't ACCIDENTLY optimizing).

I published this blog on May 3rd. On June 21 (6 weeks later), a highly qualified prospect found this blog via Google & filled out a form on our website.


"But, I didn't optimize for a keyword? How could this happen??"

Google found it. Liked it. And my ideal prospect did too.

What's the lesson?

Don't pigeonhole yourself in only writing on a topic if it has keyword searches tied to it. Sometimes you need to produce a specific piece of content (void of keywords) and set it freeeeeee!

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