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Falcon's Creative Group

Falcon’s challenged our team to communicate their creative services, organize and clarify their unique 3 division turnkey approach, drive quality organic traffic via SEO, and generate highly qualified B2B leads.


Type: B2B

Industry: Professional Services

What they invested: $30,000 - $40,000 in our Conversion-focused Website Solution

Falcon's Creative Group helps their clients “Experience Imagination”. We helped them experience a better website.

“Woah, they design theme parks!”

This was our first reaction when Robert — Marketing Manager at Falcon’s Creative Group — requested ProtoFuse’s a website discussion. Our second was: “Eek. That took way too long to find out.”

This was the theme of our early conversations with Falcon’s. We’d be impressed with their talent, unique services, culture, and industry-recognition, but then quickly discouraged because their website didn’t communicate those things well (among others).

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We're so incredibly happy with our website!

Robert S. Falcon's Creative Group

Old Website's Problems

Memory lane, anyone?

Major pain points of Falcon's old website:

  • Poor UX Design, Usability Issues
  • Unclear Positioning & Site-wide Value Proposition
  • Minimal Qualified Leads per month
  • Minimal Organic Search Traffic
  • No Calls to Action
  • No Content Marketing plan
  • No Content Management System

What We Delivered

High-Level Features:

  • Clearly Communicated Value Proposition Site-wide
  • Full SEO revamp, strategy, & optimization
  • Calls to action that appeal to prospect's entire buying cycle
  • Lead Generation Strategy
  • Plan for Ongoing Content
  • Mobile Optimization via RWD (Responsive Web Design)
  • Multi-lingual capabilities (English & Chinese)
  • Content Management System
  • CRM Integration
  • Detailed user research with personas

A major business objective was expressing to prospects the uniqueness of each division and how it plays a role in the bigger picture when hiring Falcon's.

Showcasing Falcon’s beautiful and stunning work was a critical design piece in their ‘Selected Work’ section.

Real Results

Qualified Leads per Month

Before & after launch

0 to 3+

Increase in Total Organic Keywords

In first 12 months


Increase in Organic Search Traffic

in first 12 months


Increase in Unique Page Views

In first 12 months


We believe a conversion-focused website — paired with the proper traffic, content, automation, and end-to-end ROI measurement — equips B2B technology companies with a real asset to scale their business.


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